Candy Cotton

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A decentralized social media platform


Get rewarded for sharing knowledge

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Ask any questions and discover who in your network can help you solve your problem

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Earn rewards by offering useful information in your expertise.


Engage and discover new people through your curiosities.

Candy Cotton

An Exciting Way to Connect & Learn

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a google search? Well instead of asking google why not ask your trusted network. Socia connects directly to your LinkedIn network and determines the best people to answer your question.


Disrupting the social media industry in Web3

Every day over half the world’s population spends an average of 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media. 


Yet, the attention, interactions, engagement, and generated data are monetized by a few centralized entities and their shareholders. You are the product.
We are focused on solving key design issues around aspects of Web2 social media platforms as we know them today by rewarding the actual users for sharing their knowledge.
Real People
Relevant Information
Build Your Network


We're builders

Socia is an alliance of diverse individuals brought together by a shared vision of a building better world for us all. We are made up of people from all over the globe - an experienced team of developers, marketers, and builders that believe in giving people more power over their online experience.

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