Candy Cotton

Feeding Your Curiosity Through People

A decentralized social network that connects you to the people with the answers


A way to connect to your network

through information

Ask a question

Ask any questions and discover who in your network can help you solve your problem

Get an answer

Answers come directly from people within your network. So you know its good information.


Earn rewards for engaging and discovering new people through your curiosities.

Candy Cotton

An Exciting Way to Connect & Learn

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a google search? Well instead of asking google why not ask your trusted network. Socia connects directly to your LinkedIn network and determines the best people to answer your question.


The future of finding information

The internet is over-saturated with information. There is an answer for everything. The problem now is how do you find that information. That's where Socia comes in. We provide you with relevant experts based on your existing network to direct you to the correct source.
Real People
Relevant Information
Build Your Network


“I have learned and improved my network at the same time!”

Josh Phillips


Humanizing Information

Socia is an alliance of individuals brought together through a shared vision of a better world for all. We are made up of people from all over the globe. Including the United States, Turkey, Canada and more! We have an experienced team of developers, marketers, and founders. We believe in people and this is our way of giving the people more power and agency over their human experience.

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